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Jason of Treguboff Law literally saved my house for me! I was actually only a day or two from foreclosure and hopelessly thought I had no options. But, with his knowledge and dedication to me as a client we overcame great odds and with his winning strategy I am on the path of retaining my home and once again have a very positive attitude for a successful future! Thank you again Jason for your steadfastness and for a new found friendship!

- Nick C.

Excellent experience. Very knowledgeable and thorough. A very difficult decision for me became a worry free, and smooth sailing experience. All my questions were answered quickly and fully explained. I highly recommend Jason Treguboff.

- Vira B.

I always tell people that Jason is my hero; he helped me save my home and for that, I am eternally grateful! In trying to find an attorney to take on the cluster of my situation, I stumbled upon Jason firm’s practically in my back yard. It was my lucky day! After consulting with Jason, he agreed to take my case. Sometimes you wonder how you get in the messes you sometimes find yourself, but Jason was not judgmental. I found that Jason is easy to talk to and he explains things so you understand them; he has always responded to any questions or concerns I might have and, most importantly, he knows what he’s doing. And, Yes, I would do it all over again!

- Paula S.

I cannot say enough good things about Treguboff Law! Jason Treguboff was very friendly and knowledgeable. He explained everything clearly and made the entire process easy! He was willing to meet anytime and anywhere convenient for me. Jason also stayed in constant communication with me and was easy to contact if I had any questions. I would highly recommend Treguboff Law to anyone!

- Craig Z.

Treguboff Law is very professional and courteous law firm. Takes the time to thoroughly go over your case and answers any and all questions you may have. I Would recommend to anyone looking for a lawyer in this field.

- Ricardo P.

Jason is an excellent attorney. He is competent and knowledgeable about his field. Jason is always thinking of your best interest while providing outstanding customer service. This includes his communication and his genuine desire to help and support you with whatever goals you have. We would high recommend Jason's services.

- Joe & Julie C.

The best of the best, and Jason is always on your site, thank you for all your help and support.

- Al R.

Jason Treguboff provided outstanding service. He is professional and thorough. He did a great job walking me through the bankruptcy process and he worked with me to make the bankruptcy affordable. I highly recommend him!

- Steven Y.

Jason Treguboff has been a life saver! I can't stress enough how he has helped me to navigate my situation. He is always available to answer my questions and help me understand the complexities of my case. So grateful!

- Stacy K.

I had a lot of anxiety and concern about filing bankruptcy. There are so many in Arizona to choose and many commercials and advertisements. Also, the prices varied. I saw a review from a couple that said they went to Jason Treguboff and he advised them they would be better off not filing and helped guide them to a better option. What???😳 I really had to make a decision as I was new to Arizona and needed to rebuild my life ASAP. By the time I called him I really had given up hope and didn't care if he scammed me. It was like "It is what it is" This will be a definite reason to end it all as even this didn't work. He did not push any ideas and really was invested in helping me. He has a relaxed attitude and gave me time to process the whole bankruptcy process. I had an image of lawyers trying to get their money especially if someone is filing bankruptcy. I kept inquiring about the payment process and when he wanted me to start paying him. He made me re-evaluate my expectations of lawyers and just take him at face value. He told me let's get the process started and the payment process will be later. What??? 😳 When one of my payments was returned he also was understanding and had no expectation that I did it on purpose. He also threw out my belief that after bankruptcy it will be a long road to get back to anything normal. I was advised many people buy houses and get approved for many financing options after bankruptcy. He wasn't the least expensive (as many people suggested the route I should go), or the most expensive, but it was reasonable to have the right attorney. He made the whole process a win-win and he helped me rebuild my life. I had no guidance or suggestions and just read some reviews and went out on a limb. He was always ready to assist me with my many questions by text or email. Treguboff is a good trustworthy Lawyer who I highly recommend for anyone.

- Damon R.

Jason has seen me through a hard time, i.e., divorce and bankruptcy, and with keeping within the confines of professionalism and personal feelings, he's guided me through this storm with consistency, thank you sir.

- Cush J.

Jason was very professional and showed empathy in our initial meeting and throughout the proceedings.

He was wonderful in responding to my calls and emails. I can’t praise him enough for all the time he took with my case. Thank you!

- Betty B.

Mr. Treguboff was very helpful, insightful & was always prompt on calls and procedures while guiding me through my case. Professional & thorough. Can’t thank him enough for seeing me through this!

- Gloria S.

Jason was very quick at returning my call which is a huge deal for me! He was very informative and professional on our call. He was honest and didn’t make me feel pressured to make a decision on my financial situation. He walked me through every step and gave great advise! I highly recommend Jason and I have done enough business to know when I can trust a business and hear professionalism, he definitely knows his business.

- Lora L.

Jason Treguboff assisted me with a tricky medical billing situation. With his expertise, I saved thousands of dollars while avoiding litigation. I can’t thank him enough!

- Judy B.

Very pleasant experience speaking with Mr. Treguboff. He helped me sort out a few problems I had after my husband passed. I highly recommend him.

- Sharon

Jason is extremely knowledgeable in Bankruptcy Law. He can file a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy and provide you a "Fresh Start" and wipe out your bills, or help you reorganize your debts into one easy payment under Chapter 13 bankruptcy. He can help you stop creditor calls, stop garnishments, stop repossession of your vehicle and most importantly, he can help you save your home. Don't hesitate to call him, he will instantly provide options to you.

- Ted R.

Was very quick to return calls! Also, had info re: chap. 7 bankruptcy in my particular case that was extremely helpful. Very pleasant to talk to.

- David G.