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Zero Down Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Attorney in Litchfield Park, Arizona

Wages getting garnished? Need immediate relief? Ask about our $0 Down Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Option.

One of the biggest hurdles to fling a Chapter 7 are the upfront attorney's fees. If your wages are being garnished or your bank account has been levied, you probably don't have enough money lying around to cover your living expenses and pay an attorney.

In many cases, we can file your Chapter 7 Bankruptcy case for $0 down. You just cover the cost of the filing fee ($338) and the cost of the pre-filing credit counseling class and credit report ($62). After your case is filed, you set up a monthly payment plan to pay your attorney's fees beginning 30 days after the filing of your case. Payments can be as low as $50 per week.

What is Zero Down Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?

A Zero Down Chapter 7 Bankruptcy allows you to file your case with no upfront attorney fee. Zero Down allows you to start the bankruptcy process and get your case filed immediately stopping the wage garnishments and bank levies that make it impossible to cover your living expenses. You get the relief you need to take control of your finances.

Benefits of a Zero Down Chapter 7 Bankruptcy.

When you file a bankruptcy case the automatic stay of Section 362 of the bankruptcy code is invoked stopping all collection activity. This means wage garnishments, bank levies, collection calls, mailings, vehicle repossessions, foreclosures all cease. Take control of your finances and get a fresh start.

Do I Qualify for a Zero Down Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?

If you have regular income, you will likely qualify for our Zero Down Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Option. A Zero Down Chapter 7 Bankruptcy gives you the opportunity to stop wage garnishments and creditor harassment with out the need to pay up front attorney fees. Call now for a free consultation to see if a Zero Down Chapter 7 Bankruptcy is right for you.

File Chapter 7 for $0 Down